By Roger Abrantes

Roger Abrantes, PhD

Roberto Barata graduated from Ethology Institute Cambridge as CAAE (Certified in Advanced Applied Ethology) in 2016.

From the first moment, I met Roberto, I identified in him some of the unique characteristics that distinguish the competent from the excellent student. It was quite evident that he had a good head and flair for animal training. However, what struck me most were his above-average determination and dedication to learning.

Roberto took one course at the time even having to leave his country, traveling a long way, to complete his mandatory practical training and proficiency verifications. All that, he did without complaint, and with the same eager and determination, he showed on his very first day at the Institute.

I was, personally, especially pleased the day he graduated as CAAE. The EIC had one more high-quality graduate and the animal training world one more excellent trainer and instructor.

It has, indeed, been a privilege to have been Roberto’s tutor. I’ve been fortunate to have had a fair number of exceptional students throughout my long 30+ years career. Among them, a dozen or so stand head and shoulders above all others; Roberto is one of them.

Portugal and the Lusophone community are fortunate to have Roberto Barata. With him, animals, animal trainers, and owners are in good hands.

Roger Abrantes
Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology and Ethology
Ethology Institute Cambridge—Scientific Director