Courses and Services

English and Portuguese: In-person, on-campus or online
  • Personalized online courses/coaching sessions in the areas of Anthrozoology, Animal Behavior Modification, and Applying Human-Animal Studies in Animal Training throughout all of Roberto’s work, research, and case studies in the last 20 years.
  • Scientific consulting, advising, and coaching for professionals, institutions, and companies.
  • Animal behavior modification (dogs, cats, and horses).
  • Courses, seminars, workshops, talks, lectures, conferences, and webinars adapted to the audience.
  • Other personalized services

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Professional Certification Programs

The Ethology Institute (EI) offers educational programs on animal behavior and learning. If you wish to be a professional animal trainer, you will find all the theoretical and practical training necessary to be an excellent professional, or improve your skills and increase your network if you are already one.

Please, visit the Ethology Institute website at for more information and contact me if you need additional details, I help you get a fair grant.

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(INFORMAÇÕES EM PORTUGUÊS – Formação internacional em treino de cães e outras espécies.)