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(Dogs, cats, and horses)

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  • Scientific consulting, advising, mentoring and coaching for professionals and companion animal owners;
  • Courses, seminars, workshops, talks, lectures, conferences, and webinars;
  • Other personalized services (Please, contact me.);

Mentoring | Certification Programs | Seminars | Courses

The Ethology Institute offers a number of educational programs in animal behavior and learning that can be combined in several ways.

If you wish to train dogs, cats, horses or other species, and teach their owners, this is your opportunity to get all the necessary education to be a good professional with a sound scientific knowledge allied with an effective natural interspecies communication.

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All subjects and technical levels are adapted to the audience.

  • Anthrozoology: The human social animal; the animals in society; the contrast of cultures;  animal welfare; animal technician challenges; companion animals and owners relationship; moral and ethics approaches  in animal training; the technical fashionism in animal training; within others Roberto Barata’s work, studies,  and research in the field).
  • Animal Behavior, Cognition, Language and Learning.
  • Animal communication theory.
  • Intra / Inter-specific communication.
  • Science and the scientific model.
  • Ethology and behaviorism.
  • Animal behavior problems with study cases.
  • Practical applications of the principles of mentoring, anthrozoology, ethology and behaviorism in several animal training fields.
  • Functional Assessment and Animal Behavior Modification Program.
  • Coaching Dog Owners (young and adults)
  • Social Teaching Program for Puppies and Adults.
  • Canine Scent Detection.
  • Critical Thinking, Leadership, Life Coaching, Mentoring, mindfulness and NLP techniques  for professionals in animal field.
  • Personalized courses for companion animal families (young and adults).
  • Please, contact only when you have the subject, the date, location of the event and the number of expected attendees.
  • The standard schedule for all events: 10.00 to 13.00 and 14.30 to 17.30.
  • The organizer has the role in choosing the correct place according to the event needs, to advertise the event actively and take care of all logistic.
  • The organizer can sell products and have a sponsor, but the speaker is under no obligation to your sponsor(s) or products. Speaker accepts no personal sponsors to maintain his professional and academic integrity.
  • Attendees cannot film and/or take pictures during the presentation.
  • The speaker will need a projector with a VGA or HDMI connection, a sound system with handheld and lapel microphones (if applicable), a mini-jack connection to a computer and a writing board.
  • The total fee and expenses are divided into three portions that the organizer must pay no later than the dates stipulated in the contract and do not include the travel and accommodation. The first payment (deposit) is to confirm the date and is non-refundable. If the organizer cancels the event less than four weeks from the event date, he has to pay the expenses incurred (like flight tickets) plus half of the seminar fee.
  • A signed service contract is required.