Courses and Services

English and Portuguese: In-person, on-campus or online (Dogs, cats, and horses)
  • Scientific consulting, advising, coaching and mentoring, for professionals and companion animal owners.
  • Courses, seminars, workshops, talks, lectures, conferences, and webinars.

Main topics and subjects

All subjects and technical levels are adapted to the audience. If you didn’t find the topic you wish, please contact me.

  • Anthrozoology: The human social animal; the animals in society; the contrast of cultures; animal welfare paradox; animal technician challenges; companion animals and owners relationship; moral and ethical approaches in animal training; the technical fashionism in animal training; within others Roberto Barata’s work, studies, and research in the field.
  • Animal Behavior, Cognition, Language, and Learning.
  • Animal communication theory.
  • Intra / Interspecific communication.
  • Science, pseudoscience, and the scientific model.
  • Ethology and behaviorism.
  • Animal behavior problems with study cases.
  • Practical applications of the principles of mentoring, anthrozoology, ethology, and behaviorism in several animal training fields.
  • Functional Assessment and Animal Behavior Modification Program.
  • Coaching Dog Owners (young and adults) and dealing with their challenges.
  • Social teaching programs for puppies, adults, and seniors.
  • Personalized courses for companion animal families (young and adults.)
  • Canine Scent Detection.
  • Critical thinking, leadership, life coaching, mentoring, and interpersonal techniques for professionals in the animal field.