Courses and Personalized Services

English and Portuguese: In-person, on-campus or online (Dogs, cats, and horses)

  • Scientific consulting, advising, coaching and mentoring, for professionals and companion animal owners.
  • Courses, seminars, workshops, talks, lectures, conferences, and webinars.


All subjects and technical levels are adapted to the audience and individual needs.

All mentoring sessions can include the purchase of additional materials/books, a writing assessment, and practical evaluation.

All the topics are based on the continuous Roberto Barata’s work, studies, and research in the field.

If you didn’t find the topic you wish, please contact me.

Main topics and subjects

  • The human social animal.
  • Animals in society.
  • The contrast of cultures.
  • Animal welfare.
  • Animal trainer’s challenges.
  • Companion animals and owners relationships.
  • Moral and ethical approaches in animal training.
  • Critical thinking for animal technicians.
  • Science, pseudoscience, and the scientific model.
  • Technical fashionism in animal training.
Animal Behavior Modification:
  • A scientific approach to animal behavior, communication, cognition, emotions, language, and learning.
  • Canine behavior problems with study cases.
  • Functional assessment and animal behavior modification programs.
  • Holistic approaches for behavior modification therapies.
  • Practical applications of the principles of mentoring, anthrozoology, ethology, and behaviorism in several animal training fields.
  • Coaching companion animal families (young and adults) and dealing with their challenges.
  • Leadership, life coaching, mentoring, and interpersonal techniques.
Companion Animal Families:
  • Personalized social teaching programs and courses for puppies, adults, and seniors.
  • Canine Scent Detection.